Waanyi PBC

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'Healing Our Country, Helping Our People'

Our Vision

To Provide a better, sustainable future for the Waanyi People of North West Queensland.


In order to bring this vision into reality, the Waanyi PBC has developed 7 key community priorities.  These are

Improvements to the lifestyle and welfare of the Waanyi People

The protection of capital for the future

Employment opportunities for the Waanyi People

Establishment of local businesses in Doomadgee and surrounds

Investments outside of Doomadgee

Preserve and protect the cultural heritage of the Waanyi

Improved outcomes for the Waanyi People through culturally-aligned education

Our Aims

To get back country

To look after country

To get control of the future

To have a strong organisation

Our Values

Culture: Our Culture is our identity

Respect: respect, Trust and Cooperation for human dignity

Family and Kinship: Our ancestral links bind our community

Land: We have a spiritual, physical and cultural connection to our land

Equality: All people are of equal value

While the short term future is pivotal for us and our People,  we understand the importance of maintaining focus on longer term outcomes that will move our People forward in a positive way over the long term.